Here there are some extra informations for our tourist guest, here, with us in this restaurant you can find everything you are looking for, trust me!

"La Sacca" restaurant and pizzeria is located inside the Barricata tourist port, a stone's throw from the Po Delta Regional Park and the Sacca of Scardovari.
From fish risotto to shovel pizza we are sure , you will get up happy to be passed by us!
Ideal place for:

- quick lunch
- business lunches
- romantic dinner with harbour view
- Family and Friends dinner
- Birthday parties

Ideal for families with children, for groups or for managers, here you can find traditional fish dishes ...... and as usual in our pizza restaurant, you can not miss our pizza cooked to ensure the maximum of the fragrances.

fresh fish, tasty, Delicious and appetizing pizzas refined dishes or dishes that simply… satisfy your craving ...

In an elegant, traditional, spacious and welcoming place, all in a magical position such as the port of Barricata .......

What are you waiting for, Come and visit us, call us or send an email, do not hesitate for it

we are open ALL DAYS

lunch opening time from 12,00 to 14.30

dinner opening time from 19,00 to 00.30


Here Below the Menu, you can enjoy in our restaurant and Pizzeria



- Mussels soup
- Prawns in "Saor" soup ( particularly Venetian soup)
- Ham and Melon
- Seafood Salad ( mixed boiled fish with cherry tomatoes)
- Shrimp cocktail
- La Sacca Big Appetizer ( mixed fish )


- Spaghetti with Clams
- Seafood Spaghetti
- Seafood risotto
- Basmati Rice with Turmeric, Pachino tomatoes, Prawns and Basil
- Duck sauce spaghetti ( special bolognese sauce made with duck meat)
- Gnocchi with bolognese sauce


- Mixed Fried Seafood
- Mixed Grilled SeaFood
- Sliced beef ( sirloin steak without bone grilled and sliced)
- Daily fresh Seafood
- Tuna Fish sliced


- French Fries
- Grilled vegetables
- Battered Vegetables
- Mixed Fresh Salad



- Margherita               
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese)
- Prosciutto e Funghi 
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese with ham and mushrooms)
- Capricciosa             
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese with mushrooms and artichokes)
- Diavola                     
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese and Spicy Salami)
- Ortolana                   
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese mixed vegetables)
- Rucolina                   
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese with Argula, parmesan cheese and cherry tomatoes)
- Tonno e Cipolla       
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese with Tuna fish and onion)
- Bufalina                   
  (tomato and Buffalo mozzarella cheese with cherry tomatoes and basil)
- Frutti di Mare           
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese with Seafood)
- Patatosa                   
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese with french fries)
- Sfiziosa                     
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese with porcini mushrooms, spicy salami and briè cheese)
- Siciliana Rossa         
  (tomato anchovies, capers and oregano)
- Parma                       
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese with Parma Ham)
- Porcini e Bufala       
  (tomato and Buffalo mozzarella cheese with porcini mushrooms)
- 19.5 inches shovel Pizza 
  (tomato and mozzarella cheese and ......make your choice )- 2 people